Independent coffee roasters, in the heart of Bristol since 1970.

We source, import and hand roast speciality, ethical, Fairtrade, Direct Trade, Organic and Rainforest Alliance coffees offering free
barista training with machine servicing and support.

We are very proud to be the South West's largest independent and contract  roaster.



Based in Bristol and delivering across the country, Wogan Coffee has been roasting and supplying coffee to the trade and individual customers for over forty years.

Established by Brian Wogan in 1970, the business soon gained a strong reputation for excellent coffees and service. The coffee is now in the hands (and exceptional palates) of the next generation of Wogans. Adrian Wogan practically inhaled the aroma of the bean with his first breath, and is now responsible for sourcing, roasting and crafting outstanding coffees.

At the heart of the operation is a 1968, 90 kilo Probat coffee roaster– an undeniable classic – and in a supporting role (and for small batch roasts) is a recently added hand-built 30 kilo roaster.

We have a trade counter at “Wogan Towers” where you may pop in and buy coffee. It’s open to everyone, and if you love your coffee, just call in.  We have many wonderful coffees that have been roasted on our premises within the last four days, which we vacuum pack immediately for freshness. Or, join our many customers on-line and have exciting coffees delivered straight to your door.



We’re very pleased and proud to be part of the Fairtrade Foundation. We have been involved with Fairtrade since the very early stages of its development, and were one of the first UK roasters to get behind it.

The Coffee Growers Co-operative Consortium has many different projects which between them benefit almost 3,000 growers and their families directly, and a further 15,500 people indirectly. The key aim is to ensure that the farmer gets the right price for his crop, thus improving his and his family’s standards of living, while also addressing the conservation of the Costa Rican rainforest. Other programs include scholarship funds for education, forest management and river basin protection.

And we honestly believe that some of these small farmers produce the world’s greatest coffees.

organic logoOrganic

With the growing popularity among customers for organic products, we’re delighted to offer a selection of wonderful organic coffees.

We work with some fantastic organic producers, including the Koperasi Petanian Gayo Megah Berseri co-op in Sumatra, which produces extremely fine coffee.  In Ethiopia, the Djimma region produces wonderful coffee from co-operatives and smallholders; and the Caturra, Typica and Bourbon varietals produced by Cecanor in Peru are simply outstanding. These three producers we’ve highlighted here are also Fairtrade.

We offer a great variety of further organic options (including a delicious decaf from Honduras) – see our online shop for more details.

As we source all our coffee ourselves, we really know its origins. If you’d like to know more about the provenance of any of our coffees, please do not hesitate to ­get in touch­ – we’d love to share our enthusiasm with you

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