Fairtrade Organic Sumatra Espresso

Fairtrade Organic Sumatra Espresso

100% Arabica

This mellow coffee is grown by the Wahana Coffee Estate in the Dairi district of Northern Sumatra, Indonesia. With a clinic for the workers and a farmer’s support centre distributing free shade trees, organic fertilizer and coffee seeds the estate is committed to following a social responsibility ethos that ensures the welfare of its employees. The combination of high annual rainfall and a significant drop in temperature at night means an increase in the coffee’s sugar content of 13% making this one of the most popular areas for coffee production in Indonesia.



Roast Strength:  Dark
Single Origin Region:  Asia
Heat your water to 94 - 96 degrees for best results. Water with high magnesium and low bicarbonate levels will give you that perfect brew which can be achieved by using mineral or filter water.
White pepper, mellow citrus and black treacle

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Please note that when ordering 1 kilo that this will arrive in one bag, if smaller packs are required please choose multiples of the desired size.

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