Source, Roast, Train.

That’s been our mantra for the last forty years. It’s not just about finding the right coffee and roasting it well - it’s also about understanding the difference between a cup of coffee and a great cup of coffee. It’s an art.

We love it that our customers share our enthusiasm and our “coffee school” is designed to encourage that knowledge and enjoyment.

Wogan Coffee School

Here at Wogan Coffee we like to share our passion for the bean, and want to encourage our customers to explore the world of coffee with us.  Each month, Adrian carefully selects an interesting single-origin coffee. He roasts a small 30-kilo batch in our Bristol roastery, with much sampling and tweaking until he finds the perfect roast for that particular coffee.

We hope that by introducing new tastes, you will develop a wonderfully rich and inquisitive palate; helping you or your customers to really enjoy good coffee.

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