Cafe Femenino

Cafe Femenino

100% Arabica

In 2004, a group of female farmers in Northern Peru took the initiative to speak to cooperative leaders about their desire to separate their coffee from the men’s. These women believed that the level of care they put into the production of the coffee made it a superior product and wanted to find out if there was a market for women’s coffee. The female members of CECANOR were successful in their pursuit of independence and together, they developed a full social programme with the goal of empowering female farmers so they could create real social change by producing and selling their own products. Today the Cafe Femenino Program has impacted the lives of women all over the world and continues to bridge the gap in gender equality for families, cooperatives and communities.

Roast Strength:  Medium
Single Origin Region:  South America
Heat your water to 94 - 96 degrees for best results. Water with high magnesium and low bicarbonate levels will give you that perfect brew which can be achieved by using mineral or filter water.
Dark chocolate, Morello cherries and citrus

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