La Bastilla P3

La Bastilla P3

100% Arabica

Along with our ongoing offering of Fair-trade and Organic, we took the decision to work directly with La Bastilla farm which is situated approximately 20 kilometres away from Jinotega. We have a long standing relationship with the owner of this estate and are proud to sponsor the education of three children on the estate and have been able to partner them up with three students from city of Bristol college. We got a chance to meet them when we visited the estate this winter.

 Direct Trade

This coffee is one of our personal favourite at Wogan Coffee, enjoyed by all as an espresso, filter and through a Cafetiere. We have developed the original La Bastilla to produce this beautiful coffee. By roasting the bean slightly longer the chocolate sweetness has been enhanced and the acidity mellowed creating a perfect all rounder. When you open this bag of coffee you will be overwhelmed with the beautiful Nutella aroma.

Roast Strength:  Dark
Single Origin Region:  Nicaragua
This is an ideal espresso but very versatile, suited for Cafetiere, Stovetop and Aeropress
Mellow acidity, with a strong fruity sweetness finishing with nutty, chocolate-caramel notes.
Direct Trade

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Please note that when ordering 1 kilo that this will arrive in one bag, if smaller packs are required please choose multiples of the desired size.

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