La Bastilla P3

La Bastilla P3

100% Arabica

If you like praline then this is the coffee for you. Using original La Bastilla, we roasted the beans for longer to create this beautifully, round bodied coffee with a mellow acidity, a strong fruity sweetness and chocolatey caramel notes.

Through dealing directly with La Bastilla estate we have been able to pay for 3 children from the age of 13 to 18 to attend the world’s first school on a coffee plantation in an area where only 20% of young people attend secondary school and we are very proud that the first few students have now moved on to university.

 Direct Trade
Roast Strength:  Dark
Single Origin Region:  Nicaragua
Heat your water to 94 - 96 degrees for best results. Water with high magnesium and low bicarbonate levels will give you that perfect brew which can be achieved by using mineral or filter water.
Mellow acidity, with a strong fruity sweetness finishing with nutty, chocolate-caramel notes.
Direct Trade

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Please note that when ordering 1 kilo that this will arrive in one bag, if smaller packs are required please choose multiples of the desired size.

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