Finca San Esteban

Finca San Esteban

100% Arabica

This single estate coffee comes from Guatemala's much celebrated Coban region where they have two seasons- rainy and rainier! Coban's famous 'chipichipi" frequently engulfs the region in a fine mist that falls from the dense cloud cover meaning that the coffee trees here require no shade as they are rarely in direct sun. The coffee is farmed by Uncle Ithri who has been farming coffee most of his life. San Esteban has been a coffee plantation for 40 years and employs about 30 people. We pay a premium over and above the Fairtrade price so that Ithri can pay his employees more for their work. Benefiting the local economy in what is a very poor region of the world. The coffee is fully washed and then mechanically dried on the farms own processing plant. This process of drying is slightly different to other regions of Guatemala where they patio dry the coffee, this is due to the humidity which doesn’t allow the coffee to dry completely. Coffee from San Esteban has been purchased year upon year by Japanese coffee hunters, we are extremely lucky to have Ithri and be able to bring this speciality coffee to the UK. Coban is one of the eight distinct coffee producing regions that the national coffee association Anacafe defined in the early 1990’s. Guatemala is a Central American country bordered by Mexico and Belize to the north, with El Salvador and Honduras to the south. It has both a Pacific and Atlantic coastline and is approx. 42,042 sq miles with a population of 14.7 million inhabitants. Coffee is grown in 2.5% of the territory. We have brought the coffee from Puerto Barrios to Portbury.

Roast Strength:  Dark
Single Origin Region:  Central America
Perfect for cafetiere, filter, V60, stovetop and espresso
Round body, low acidity with a soft caramel and nutty shortbread sweetness.
Location: San Cristobal Verapaz, Coban, Guatemala. Height: 1500masl Estate size: 20.42 hectares. Variety: Catual, Bourbon and Cattura. Process: Fully washed and mechanically dried. Owner: Ithri Acuna. Harvest: January to April.

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