Decaf Swiss Water Fairtrade Organic

Decaf Swiss Water Fairtrade Organic

100% Arabica

We believe that just because you choose to drink decaf doesn’t mean you should have to compromise on quality. Sourced from the Capucas region in Honduras, this coffee will always be a dark, wonderfully rich roast and is both Organic and Fairtrade. It undergoes decaffeination by the Swiss Water Process making it a much more environmentally method that still produces an impressive cup of coffee.



Roast Strength:  Dark
Heat your water to 94 - 96 degrees for best results. Water with high magnesium and low bicarbonate levels will give you that perfect brew which can be achieved by using mineral or filter water.
A rich nutty body followed by low acidity and chocolate praline notes.

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Please note that when ordering 1 kilo that this will arrive in one bag, if smaller packs are required please choose multiples of the desired size.

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